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Prof. P. Shiv Halasyamani

p-shivContact Information
Office: Room 53 SR1
Prof. P. Shiv Halasyamani received his B.S (Honors) in Chemistry from the University of Chicago in 1992. He completed his Ph.D. under Prof. Kenneth R. Poeppelmeier at Northwestern University in 1996. From 1997-1999, he was post-doctoral fellow and Junior Research Fellow (Christ Church College) at Oxford University in the laboratory of Prof. Dermot O’Hare.

Since arriving at the University of Houston in 1999, Prof. Halasyamani has received numerous awards and honors. These include:

  • NSF Career grant: 2000
  • Beckman Young Investigator: 2002
  • ExxonMobil Solid State Award: 2003
  • Excellence in Research Award (UH) – Assistant Professor Level: 2004
  • Guest Editor: Inorganic Chemistry ‘Functional Inorganic Materials’: 2008 
  • Adjunct Professor: Xinjiang Technological Institute of Physics and Chemistry, Urumqi, China
  • Excellence in Research Award (UH) – Associate Professor Level: 2009
  • UH Honors Fellow: 2010 
  • Dow Lecturer - University of Minnesota: 2010 
  • Visiting Professor for International Scientists - Chinese Academy of Sciences: 2011
  • Guest Editor: Journal of Solid State Chemistry ‘Polar Inorganic Materials’: 2012
  • Associate Editor - Inorganic Chemistry: 2013-present
  • Roy-Somiya Award - International Hydrothermal and Solvothermal Association: 2014
  • High-End Foreign Experts Project Award - CAS People’s Rep. China: 2015
  • Distinguished Visiting Professor - Tongji University: 2018
  • AAAS Fellow: 2019
  • Future Science & Technology Lecturer - Technical Institute of Physics and Chemistry, CAS: 2019
  • Distinguished Visiting Project Professor - Kyoto University: 2020

Prof. Halasyamani also serves on a number of national and international grant panels including the Russian Science Foundation (2008-2017), Diamond Light Source UK (2013-2015), ORNL Neutron Sciences Review Committee (2014-present), European Research Council Panelist (2014), PANalytical Award Committee (2015-2016), Norwegian Centre of Excellence Reviewer (2016), Irish Research Council (2018-present). He has been as Associate Editor for the ACS journal Inorganic Chemistry since 2013, and was recently appointed to the Executive Committee of the Beckman Foundation. In 2019, he was elected as a Fellow of the American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS). Most recently (2020), he was awarded a distinguished visiting project professor at Kyoto University.

Prof. Halasyamani has received funding for his research from the National Science Foundation, Welch Foundation, American Chemical Society, Air Force Research Laboratory, Department of Energy, and Army Research Office.

Prof. Halasyamani has published over 220 peer-reviewed papers, with an h-index of 57 and over 10,300 citations. He has presented his research at Universities and conferences throughout the United States and internationally.

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